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What is the Online Community?

We provide a privately hosted online community website for networking and sharing online with local Wiccans and Pagans.

The site is owned and hosted by The Fellowship of the Lord and Lady, but we want it to be a place for people to speak freely and share with each other. Now, why don't you just go do that on Facebook? Because we believe in privacy, freedom and ownership over ones own thoughts and person. In our online community what you post will only ever been seen by other members of our community. Period. There are no advertisers and no corporate interests. There is no censorship and conversations are not bound by current trends in political correctness.

Our community is for freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom from judgement. This doesn't mean our community is for barbarians. We do have guidelines.

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  • Engage in the conversation
  • Post your religious insights
  • Post your questions
  • Introduce yourself
  • Ask probing and difficult questions
  • Let people know when you disagree
  • Encourage people to speak
  • Be helpful and stay positive


  • Don't attack people
  • Don't harass people
  • Don't get offended when someone disagrees with you
  • Don't advertise something you're selling
  • Don't ask anyone to break the law

A forum of free thinking is a fine balance. Advocating or organizing to intentionally do someone harm is not okay. But having opinions that makes other people uncomfortable, unhappy, or feel offended is not against the rules.

Please review our Political Policy and our Gender Policy.