Fellowship of the
Lord and Lady

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

A Wiccan Community

Est. 2011


Lisa and Greg are spiritual partners who co-lead the Fellowship of the Lord and Lady. It is very traditional for Wiccan groups to be lead by both a woman and man who act as High Priestess and High Priest in ritual and who represent the Lady and the Lord.

We organize the events of the Fellowship, teach classes on Wicca, host community ritual at the Sabbats, and work to educate the community about our traditions. In addition, we provide a variety of religious services to support the spiritual needs of Wiccans in the community.

Who Are We?

We are the founders of the Fellowship of the Lord and Lady

Photograph of Lisa


Path: British Traditional Wicca
Sign: Taurus
Role: HPS, Organizer, Guide

Who is she:

Lisa has been practicing Wicca since 1979. She was born in Kingston, and became a permanent resident in 1987. And began working with a local group right away.

Over the many years, she has given workshops and taught courses on Wicca. She has designed and led ritual, contributed to Pagan events and has been a visible face of Wicca in the Kingston community.

Photograph of Greg


Path: British Traditional Wicca
Sign: Cancer
Role: HP, Organizer, Records

Who is he:

Greg has been practicing Wicca since 1997. He first moved to Kingston in 2000 and became a permenant resident in 2001.

He was integrally involved in the Kingston Pagan community for over a decade. During which time he has given workshops and lectures, designed and led public ritual and been a spokesperson for Paganism in the Kingston community.

The Fellowship of the Lord and Lady was established in 2011.

We are not associated with any other Wiccan or Pagan community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to foster a positive, stable and fruitful Wiccan community in our home city, Kingston, Ontario. And to provide Wiccans with the religious and spiritual support system they need for healthy and fulfilled living.

Our Ethical Standards

We abide by the Wiccan Rede, in love and trust.

Live and let live.
We are not dogmatic. What we teach is an esoteric tradition; it is not the only valid way to live. We're here to help and support your spiritual growth, but we will not tell you how to live your life.

Soft of eye, light of touch, speak ye little, listen much.
We are non–judgmental. We are compassionate and accepting of the disposition of others.

When ye have and hold a need, harken not to others greed.
We are not for profit. We do not make money through our activities. We do ask for donations to cover our expenses of rent, materials and supplies, so that we can continue to serve the community's needs.

With a fool no season spend, nor be counted as his friend.
We will not tolerate behaviour in others which is counter to the standards being laid out here. If someone cannot comport themself with dignity and respect the rights of others he or she may be asked to no longer participate.


The following statements are of traditional Wiccan laws.

No one may tell any not of the Craft who be of the Wica.
Your privacy is very important to us. We will not reveal your religious and spiritual leanings to anyone without your express permission. We expect you to follow this law as well.

No one may do or say anything which will endanger any of the Craft, or bring them in contact with the law of the land.
You will never be asked or pressured to break the law of the land.

No one, however great an injury or injustace they recieve, may use the Art in any to do ill or harm any.
We are a good people. We do not seek retribution or vengeance against those who have wronged us. For we know that karma and the justice of the Gods will be brought against them in the due course of time.

What Services We Provide

We are available to provide the following religious and spiritual services, in either a private or community context.

A Wiccaning is a celebration of the new birth of a child. A ceremony that welcomes the child into the world and into their community. This ceremony does not make a child Wiccan. Each person must walk their own path when they are old enough to make their own decisions. It is traditional for a community to come together in joy and to give thanks to the Lord and Lady for a new child and to help provide the new parents with the support they need in this most wonderful new adventure.

A handfasting is the spiritual and religious ceremony in which two Wiccans are joined together in marriage. It is a formal but joyous event where the two people take commitment vows before the High Priestess and the High Priest, before the God and Goddess and before the members of their community that they will love and support each other as friends, lovers, companions and soulmates, reflecting the eternal relationship of the Lord and Lady.

A handfasting is a religious ceremony, by itself it is not recognized as a legal marriage by the Government. Additional paperwork, which we do not provide, would be required for a full legal marriage. We support same–sex marriage.

A requiem is the solemn ceremony during which we honour and celebrate the passing of a person from this life to the next. Depending upon the circumstances and the wishes of the family, this can be a time of mourning and great sadness, or a celebration and rememberance of the life of the deceased. We believe that death is an essential stage of life, and a reality of Nature that we all share. But, just the same, it is important for proper health and wellness that we have closure, and an opportunity to formally bid farewell to our lost loved ones, in the presense of our family, friends, spiritual community and the Gods.

Spiritual Guidance.
Wicca is an esoteric religious tradition. What that means is that we do not tell people that they ought to be Wiccan, nor that they ought to live in a specific way. However, when a person feels him– or herself to be Wiccan, and they are looking for spiritual guidance and support to help them through something that is happening in their lives, we are here to listen and if necessary will make the effort to meet with you privately.

However, we are not registered social workers, nor are we trained or suited to issue clinical advice. In the case of a crisis which is beyond the scope of our role of providing spiritual support and religious advice, we encourage you to seek the assistance of a professional healthcare provider.

Please send any inquiries to


We provide several community oriented services.

Pub Moot

Please see our Events page for more information about Pub Moot.

Wiccan Circle

Please see our Events page for more information about Wiccan Circle.

Upcoming Events Mailing List

We maintain a mailing list used very sparingly, to send out notifications and reminders about upcoming events. Typically there are only around two emails sent per month, usually the day before, or sometimes the day of, either Wiccan Circle or Pub Moot. Just so you don't forget.

The events we are notifying you about are free of cost. You may leave the mailing list whenever you want simply by replying to it and requesting to be removed. The list is maintained by people, not by machines.

To join the mailing list, please fill out and submit the form under the Participate section of this site.

Private Online Community

We maintain, host and moderate the Online Community website for Wiccans and Pagans in the Kingston area. If you are interested in getting access, reach out to us using the Join Our Community contact form and check the box that indicates your interested in the Online Community.

It is our intention to create and maintain a positive and helpful space online, where members of the local community can share information, links, opinions, resources, notes and more, online. Privacy and freedom from online harassment are of utmost importance to us.

We are a non–profit Wiccan Fellowship and donations are welcomed.

Our Political Policy

Our political policy is that we are not a political organization. We do not exist to forward or promote a particular political agenda. We treat everyone as an individual not as a representative of their group identity, and we require the same from people who participate in our events.

We welcome anyone to our community who is genuinely interested in Wicca or a compatible form of Paganism.

As is the policy of many societies, clubs, and associations, discussion of politics is off limits. There exist other places and other times, where and when it is suitable and justified to focus on the advancement of your political views. Our events are not that time or place.

We host and provide community space where we can grow our knowledge and experience of Wicca, and build and strengthen our relationships with each other and with the God and Goddess. In short, to work towards the ecstasy of the spirit, joy on earth, and love unto all beings.

Our Gender Policy

We support healthy consensual relationships whether they are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. We support the rights of individuals to identify as the opposite sex of their birth sex. We accept and respect an individual's preference to be referred to in the third person by the pronouns he and him, or she and her.

For religious reasons, we do not recognize non-binary as a gender, nor do we recognize third, forth or nth genders.

We are not a business or a public service. We are a religion, with specific traditions and religious worldview. There is one Moon and one Sun, there is one Wiccan Goddess (with many names and personas) and there is one Wiccan God (with many names and personas). The Fellowship has one High Priestess who is female who represents the Goddess. The Fellowship has one High Priest who is male who represents the God. The gender binary is one of the central pillars upon which Traditional Wicca is based.

We respect everyone's human dignity, but if an individual cannot accept that we only acknowledge the gender binary in our religious tradition then they should seek a different Pagan group who can better fit and fulfill their spiritual needs.