About Us

The oldest Pagan community in Kingston, Ontario.

We are a Pagan community founded and organized by members of the Wiccan coven, The Fellowship of the Lord and Lady.

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Our Mission


Foster a positive, stable and fruitful Pagan community in our home city, Kingston, Ontario, with a focus on in-person events.


Provide Wiccans and other Pagans with the religious and spiritual support system they need for healthy and fulfilled living.


Promote Wicca and find Wiccans who are suitable and interested in joining our coven.

Our Policies

Political Policy

Our political policy is that we are not a political organization. We do not exist to forward or promote a particular political agenda. We treat everyone as an individual not as a representative of their group identity, and we require the same from people who participate in our events.

We welcome anyone to our community who is genuinely interested in Wicca or a compatible form of Paganism, and who is interested in contributing to our community for the betterment our members.

As is the policy of many societies, clubs, and associations, discussion of politics is off limits. There exist other places and other times, where and when it is suitable and justified to focus on the advancement of your political views. Our events are not that time or place.

We host and provide community space where we can grow our knowledge and experience of Wicca, and build and strengthen our relationships with each other and with the God and Goddess. In short, to work towards the ecstasy of the spirit, joy on Earth, and love unto all beings.

Gender Policy

We support healthy consensual relationships whether they are heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. We support the rights of individuals to identify as the opposite sex of their birth sex. We accept and respect an individual's preference to be referred to in the third person by the pronouns he and him, or she and her.

For religious reasons, we do not recognize non-binary as a gender, nor do we recognize third, forth or nth genders.

We are not a business or a public service. We are a religion, with specific traditions and religious worldview. There is one Moon and one Sun, there is one Wiccan Goddess (with many names and personas) and there is one Wiccan God (with many names and personas). The Fellowship has one High Priestess who is female who represents the Goddess. The Fellowship has one High Priest who is male who represents the God. The gender binary is one of the central pillars upon which Traditional Wicca is based.

We respect everyone's human dignity, but if an individual cannot accept that we only acknowledge the gender binary in our religious tradition then they should seek a different Pagan group who can better fit and fulfill their spiritual needs.

Live and let live. Fairly take and fairly give.