Request to join the coven

If you have read what covens are about and you are interested in joining, there are a number of steps you have to take first. Read through the points below, follow the recommendations, and your request to join will be taken seriously.

Contact us

Submit a contact form through this website and express your interest in joining the coven.

Tell us about yourself, your interests and background, and what you hope to achieve.

Meet us

Coveners work closely together, in person. If you wish to join, it is essential that you come to community events and meet and spend time with us. The more events you attend, the better.


We are non-proselytizing. If you request to join, and you don't receive a response, it is necessary for you to follow up.

If you give up trying to join, we assume that you aren't serious.

The Right Time

Not every moment in the year is ideal to take on new members. We will follow-up with your requests, but readiness to initiate new members depends on where we are in a lesson cycle.

Request to join

With a fool no season spend
nor be counted as his friend.