Duotheism, Polytheism, and Pantheism

Wiccans have a mystical blend of three different kinds of belief in divinity.


Duotheism is the emphasis on and a devotion to two divine beings. They are a co-equal pair, known generally as the God and Goddess, or the Lord and Lady.

The God and Goddess are depicted in numerous ways, but usually as a beautiful woman with long flowing hair, and a horned half-stag/half-man.


Wiccans usually recognize the existence (real, archetypal or otherwise) of a pantheon of deities who have different roles and responsibilities.

Which pantheon is focused on varies from coven to coven. But some common pantheons include: Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Irish Celtic, Welsh Celtic, and sometimes Saxon. Usually the Norse pantheon is reserved for the Asatruar, another contemporary Pagan religion.

It is generally not a good idea to mix pantheons together in a single ritual or magical working. If you work with different gods, pick two who at least belong to the same cultural background.


Pantheism is an impersonal theism. It is the idea that, although we recognize individual Gods and Goddesses, in some larger more primordial sense, the entirety of existence, physical and non-physical, all that is, is divine.