Wicca is the Pagan religion of witchcraft

Wicca has been passed down to us through the centuries by the preservers of secret knowledge and a gradually evolving magical and religious tradition.


Paganism is used to describe the religious and cultural worldview of Europeans prior to the spread and take over of Christianity.


Witchcraft is a kind of traditional folk magic, which has been practiced through the centuries by peasants, heathens and cunningfolk, across many European cultures.

It is a gift from the ancient Goddess of witchcraft to all those who are feign to learn it.


Witchcraft was publicized in the 1950s following changes to the laws against it in Britain, through the work of Gerald B. Gardner.

Modern Times

Wicca is now practiced in many countries around the world, in a variety of formats, from traditional to ecclectic.

Beliefs Practices Ethics Deities

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