The Fellowship of the Lord and Lady

The Kingston Pagans Community is organized by the Wiccan coven, The Fellowship of the Lord and Lady. The community is for everyone, but covenwork is for people who want to learn more intensely and work more closely with a core group of Wiccans.

What is a coven

The coven is a group of Wiccans who work together, meet regularly, and follow a common tradition.

The coven studies and practices witchcraft and religion together.

Coven structure

The coven is run by its High Priestess and/or High Priest.

New members are initiated to the 1st degree. A 3rd degree may choose to hive off to form and lead a descendent coven.


Before you request to join the coven, you must be prepared to commit to its scheduled events, and to the work that is required to learn and progress through the degrees.


Candidates who request to join the coven are assessed for suitability, and must be accepted for admittance by all the other coven members.

How to join

An it harm none, do what ye will.